Data science has emerged as an invaluable tool for decision makers in virtually every field. Data scientists are tracking trends in real time, analyzing the impact of decisions, and helping businesses, governments, and nonprofits respond to the needs of the people they serve.

You will benefit from a program from a program that is designed with the direct input of recruiters, hiring managers, and practicing data scientists from Portland’s top employers, with the specific intention of developing a pipeline of candidates with data science expertise.

Our one-year master’s program will equip you with the advanced technical skills, in-depth knowledge, and ethically informed perspective you need to excel as a data scientist. You’ll gain experience in multiple data science environments and applications, and you can delve into specific areas like data privacy, visualization, marketing analytics, and finance. And you’ll work closely with some of the nation’s top educators every step of the way.

Our connections with the Oregon State Capitol and Salem Health -- not to mention an alumni network that spans companies like Intel, Google and Disney -- will open the door to powerful learning experiences and potential job opportunities. You’ll emerge as a valuable asset wherever your career path leads.

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Given the strong demand for data scientists and the shortage of professionals trained in the field, it’s no surprise that the average starting salary for data scientists in the U.S. is more than $104,000

(Sources: Glassdoor, 2020; Indeed, 2020)

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